The Chanel Spring - Summer 2021 Haute Couture fashion show

Chanel Spring-Summer 2021 Haute Couture Fashion Show

The Chanel Spring - Summer 2021 Haute Couture fashion show was a breath of fresh air and very much needed optimism, reminding us that there is still hope during those difficult times that the humanity is undergoing.

This year may have changed fashion week a lot, but the designers have not lost their creativity and continue to inspire us with their creations. Due to the pandecmic, it was a socially distanced fashion show, with very few viewers, A-list celebrities, famous faces of Chanel, from Vanessa Paradis to Marion Cotillard and Penelope Cruz.

Virginie Viard's concept for the presentation of the Spring - Summer 2021 collection was a bohemian wedding set in a floral scene in the south of France.

The film commences in black and white as the models are coming down the stairs, paying hommage to the Coco Chanel era when the models used to descend the famous mirrored stares of Coco Chanel's atelier, and as they approach the runway the colors blast and the very colorful flowery set is revealed. The floral element was omnipresent and was the theme of the entire collection, from the floral creations to the beautiful arches and the petals that were scattered on the floor.

I particularly loved the color palet of the collection. Bright, vivid colors, combined with classic black and white Chanel characteristic tones. Combined girly and feminine elements with classic lines. Masculine touch that Coco Chanel inaugurated in women's clothing with girly and feminine touches in the colors.

The designer revisited the classic tailleur that Coco Chanel invented. Staying true to the fashion house's tradition of tweed jackets, she created beautiful pastel colored tailleurs in strict lines. Viard also presented her own twist on the classic tailleur with flair skirts.

The floral element was predominant through the entire collection, from the floral pattern lace and embroidery on the dresses, to the floral headpieces on the models' hair. The Grand Palais was transformed in a floral paradise, with flower petals scattered all over the floor and floral arches completing the magical scenery.

A personal favorite for me were the powerful pantsuits, that were revisited by adding a touch of femininity in the androgynous look. 'There is a masculine/feminine side to all the silhouettes' commented the designer on her collection. The designer created very elegant and feminine in a variety of strict lines, as well as very loose and floaty lines. I particularly liked the matching vest tops, that add a modern touch to a classic outfit.

Watch the entire fashion show, directed by Anton Corbijn here:

Video credit: Chanel official youtube channel. Photos credit:

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