Musée Rodin

One of the best museums in Paris that unfortunately doesn't get the credit it deserves - and a personal favorite - is the Musée Rodin. It is dedicated to Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), which is considered to be the father of modern sculpture.

The museum opened in 1919. The location itself is a historic one, since it is located in the old hotel Peyrenc de Moras, known as the Hotel Biron. The location of the museum is magnificent and lets the light compliment the works of art of the amazing sculptor, which portrayed the human body with naturalism.

Musée Rodin inside

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One of the most famous pieces by Rodin is 'The Kiss', displayed inside the Museum. This piece was inspired by Dante's Inferno and it depicts Francesca Da Rimini, who falls in love with her husband's younger brother Paolo. The couple were discovered and killed by Giovanni Malatesta, Francesca's husband. In the sculpture the lover's lips are not actually touching, suggesting that they were interrupted and killed without their lips ever having touched.

What makes the museum so special to me is the garden. A very beautiful display of Rodin's works of art has been organized in the garden, where you can stroll and enjoy the sculptor's beautiful works of art around the garden's natural elements.

The thinker by Auguste Rodin - Le penseur Auguste rodin
Le penseur by Auguste Rodin

Another very famous sculpture of Rodin is on display in the garden. It is 'The thinker' (Le penseur), which portrays a nude man, resting his hand on his chin, lost in deep thoughts.

This sculpture was part of a bigger composition, named 'Gates of Hell', inspired by Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. Many versions of the sculpture have survived and one of them is on display in the garden, welcoming the visitors.

Rodin's art speaks very deeply in my soul. When asked about art Rodin once said: "An art that has life does not reproduce the past, it continues it".

If you find yourself in Paris, the Musée Rodin is definitely a place worthy of your time. You can find more information about how to plan your visit on the Museum's official website.

Other landmarks you can find close by are the Musée des Invalides where you can visit Napoleon Bonaparte's tomb, which leads to Pont Alexandre III, and from there, you can walk along the Seine River.

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