French pharmacy skincare essentials

French women are always chic and elegant. What is their secret? When it comes to beauty, french women trust their pharmacist and go for trustworthy brands. Since I have come to Paris, I find myself more and more in the narrow corridors of Citypharma looking for french pharmacy skincare gems. Here is the list of the top 10 products that never miss from my collection.

Aqualia thermal / Vichy Mineral 89 / Pure vitamin C10 / Hydraphase intense / Redermic C / Bioderma Eau Micellaire / Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair / La Roche Posay spot corrector / Avène mask / Avène cleanser

The cleansers

1. The cleansing essential

Facialists and make up artists backstage the fashion shows all over the world are raving for the Bioderma Eau Micellaire. It is the king of make up removers. In my night time routine, I use it as the first step in my double cleansing in order to take out all the makeup and the dirt that stays on the face from a day out in Paris.

2. A gentle cleanse

Double cleansing is advised by many doctors and skincare experts as a method to really get rid of all of the make up and dirt from living in a busy city. After the Bioderma Eau Micellaire, I find this Avène Cleanance gentle cleanser is a very good choice, especially for combination and oily skintypes.

The active ingredients

3. Bright Glow

There is nothing better to boost the brightness of your skin than vitamin C! If that was not reason enough to love vitamin C, then keep in mind that it also enhances the protection of the sunscreen in the morning, thus helping more in preventing photo aging. I love this La Roche Posay vitamin C serum, because it is small and since Vitamin C is a very sensitive ingredient, I am not afraid of wasting any product.

4. C plus

I love combining the pure vitamin C serum with the La Roche Posay Redermic C cream, that helps the active ingredient really be absorbed by the skin and work its miracles in the fullest.

5. Overnight repair

There is no brand that makes better anti-aging serums than Estée Lauder. Their Advanced Night Repair Serum has proven to be a miracle worker in stimulating the renewal of the skin overnight. I have found that combined with my retinol treatment, it has helped a lot the look of my skin.

6. Spot correction

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and finding that an annoying pimple has decided to make its appearance... The only way to combat it is patience, of course, but I have found that this La Roche Posay spot corrector is helping accelerate the process.

7. Mask

Every skincare nerd, like me, is obsessed with face masks. I use face masks two or three times a week, in order to nourish the skin with valuable ingredients. This Avène cleanance mask provides deep exfoliation, since it contains salicylic acid, a powerful chemical exfoliant that will help your renew faster.

The moisturizers

8. The mineral 89

Since the release of Vichy's Mineral 89, I have fallen in love with it. It is the perfect solution for when you find that your skin in need of a little extra boost. I use it any time of the day.

9. 24/7 hydration

I love a good moisturizer. I always keep this Vichy Aqualia thermal in my handbag in winter, since the skin tends to get dryer and needs extra care.

10. Intense Hydration

The last step in every skincare routine is the moisturizer. I am in love with La Roche Posay and I love this Hydraphase Intense moisturizer. Especially at night, I feel it is the best way to lock in all the active ingredients i use on my face, while in the morning, it helps start your day feeling fresh!

What are your skincare essentials? Comment below your skincare tips or follow me on instagram for more parisian inspiration.

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